ESPRIT Daycare has provided, non-profit, quality care for the children on the Sunshine Coast since 1991. ESPRIT offers both part-time and full- time childcare for children aged 3 months – 5 years.

ESPRIT is a learning centre and we participate in studies conducted by the UBC Infant Development and Supported Child Development Program

Sunshine Coast Community Services provides specialists such as Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists and Speech Therapists to support children at ESPRIT.

Our Goals:

To provide quality child care for each child attending ESPRIT

To treat each child with care and respect

To provide a variety of opportunities and stimulating experiences that will enhance each child’s individual development, making sure that age appropriate activities are offered.

To be an emotional support system where mothers & fathers may go for specific assistance with their children’s behavior, or any issues which may arise

We acknowledge the financial assistance of the Province of British Columbia.